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formulaire noun
for·mu·laire  / fɔʁ.my.lɛʁ /
: a book listing medicinal substances and formulas




Benita got her start into esthetics in the skincare formulating world. She carefully researched and crafted botanical based skincare that works for you from the inside out to help bring you salon healthy skin at home. Formulas can be formulated to meet personal needs if required by the client. This botanical approach also drives the focus on Korean professional skincare and techniques in her facial sessions. The next level and unique treatments provided at Formulaire Beauty Lab cannot be replicated the same way anywhere else. Book an in person service and enjoy our talents. 

Our Highly Rated Skincare Products

As before stated, our in house skincare line is curated with botanicals and ingredient quality and efficacy at the as a pillar. We prioritize the method through which our ingredients penetrate into the skin be cause evaporation usually takes place before a product has the chance to reach an effective layer of skin. Using ingredients that are capable and formulated to penetrate into the skin on a deeper level helps renew the skin from the inside out. Using botanicals such as moringa for it's high vitamin A content, cucumber for it's effective hydrating and soothing effects, and ginger for its antioxidant are just small examples of the forethought and care put into helping you achieve the skin you want without the influencing and sales gimmicks




Benita A. is a mother and an ardent advocate for  kindness. Her personal experiences with parenting while healing mental illness and trauma have aided in carving the path to Formulaire.


When she began struggling with adult onset acne that only seemed to get worse despite all the skincare she tried, she immediately started analyzing the cause of her poor skin health.


Her skin care time became her thinking time as well. It became even more of a priority to dedicate self care time for herself when she realized how much her mental health benefited from being able to process and give space to the emotions of the day as well.


This led her to found a company that cares about who you are and elevating your soul instead of what you look like. You are the most beautiful when you feel good. Pouring into yourself shouldn't increase your stress levels.


With Formulaire, Benita brings to life her vision for a beauty community that uplifts and heals from the inside out. Wander through our products and learn to take better care of yourself. A happy soul is beautiful. Come find happiness at Formulaire.


In the technology and information age, the skincare market is bombarded with gimmicks and charlatans promising fast cures and photoshopped before and afters, formulaire was born to provide the ingredient-conscious consumers with effective skincare and education into the ingredients going on their skin. Formulaire is a black female-owned beauty and wellness community believing that meaningful skincare shouldn't be confusing or deceiving. One of our priorities is to ensure that our ingredients are effective and safe. We strive to be transparent in regards to our ingredients and products to allow you both the freedom of choice and peace of mind that you inherently deserve.


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